Past Results - Sheep Show

Sheep Show Winners 2017
Supreme Hill Champion - R.Smith -White Faced Woodland- Aged Tup
Gritstone Champion- J.Bowden
White Faced Woodland- R.Smith
Swaledale - A.Bland
Supreme Champion - Mrs Smith
Gritstone Champion - J.Bowden
Mules - G.Wainright
Cheviot- J.Metcalfe
Any Other Breed - Ben Mellor
Butchers Lambs - M.Wynne

Sheep Show Results 2016
Supreme Hill Breed Champion:- Derbyshire Gritstone - Martha Bland
Champion Gritstone:- Martha Bland
Champion Swaledale :- Jonathan Salisbury
Champion White Faced Woodland :- Karen Dowey
Miscellanous Breed Champion:- Cheviot - Wil Mellor
Mule:- Jonathan Salisbury
Under 9 yrs - Thomas Wainwright
10 yrs & over :- Ella Brennad

Butchers Lambs:- Max Wynne

Sheep Show Results 2015
Supreme Hill Sheep Champion 'Lonk' B.Crawshaw
Lonk Champion - B.Crawshaw
Derbyshire Gritstone Champion - Scrivin
Swaledale Champion - S.Bolton
White Faced Woodland Champion - C.Kaye
Mule Champion - I.Gregory
Miscellaneous Breed Champion - I .Gregory
Young Handler over 10 yrs - M.Morton
Young Handler under 10 yrs - Jesse Redfern
Butchers Fat Lambs - J.Salisbury

Sheep Show Results 2014
Champion White Faced Woodland - Tony Redfern - Shearling Tup
Champion Derbyshire Gritstone - Josh Redfern- Shearling Tup
Champion Swaledale- A.Bland- Shearling Ewe
Mule- J.Salisbury
Any Other Breed Champion - T.Gregory - Blue faced Leicester
Butchers Lambs- J.Salisbury - No picture.
Young Handler - Jensen Bowden
Supreme Hill Breed Champion- A.Bland- Swaledale Shearling Ewe

PICTURES taken by Sarah Lee

Sheep Show Results 2013
Supreme Hill Breed Champion - Scrivin - Lonk sheep.
Butchers Lambs - J .Salisbury.
White Faced Woodland Champion - J .Gill
Derbyshire Gritstone Champion - Scrivin.
Lonk Champion - Scrivin.
Swaledale Champion - J. Salisbury.
Mule Champion- G. Wainwright.
Any Other Breed Champion - Hannah Morton.
Young Handler - Billy Atkinson.

Sheep Show Results 2012
Derbyshire Gritstone - Scrivin
The Lonk - Scrivin
The Mule - Frank Marrison
Swaledale - Andrew Bland
The White Faced Woodland - Tony Redfearn
Miscellaneous Breeds - Masham Roger Handford
Young Handler - Ben Mellor
Supreme Hill Breed - Scrivin