Donations 2019 - Info to follow

Donations 2018 - The Christie

The Christie The Christie

Donations 2017
Kinder Mountain Rescue
Kinder Mountain Rescue  

Donations 2016
Air AmbulanceAll proceeds from the sale of last year's Show programme were donated to our Local AIR AMBULANCE

2016 was a great show, with profits from the show going to various local charities;

£5000 to Local Air Ambulance
£2000 to Cancer Research 
£1000 to Hayfield Scouts
£400 to Thornsett Primary School
£500 to Arden House Doctors, New Mills -   Defibrillator
£500 to Hayfield Football Club - Coaching
£500 Hayfield Girls Cricket - Coaching
£100 Hayfield Pro Loco

Donations 2015

All the profits of £10,000 from the show of 2015 have gone to MacMillans Nurses. We also provided the kit for Hayfield


Donations 2014
We donated £2,600.00 to local charities:
New Mills Football Club     £350.00
Hayfield Football Club £400.00
Hayfield Cricket Club £350.00
Blyth House £500.00
Thornsett Band £400.00
British Legion £600.00

Donations 2013

In 2013 we donated £3,500 to the following organisations:
Hayfield Scouts
Hayfield Cricket Club
Hayfield Church Clock Fund
New Mills Volunteer Centre
Kinder Kids
Hayfield Football Club
Hayfield Pro Loco
Buxton Talking Newspaper
Music Box
Kinder Mountain Rescue
Cancer Research

In all we donated £3,500 to local charities.

Donations 2012
In 2012 we donated £2000 between the following:

Blythe House Hospice Blythe House Hospice

Hayfield Scout Group Hayfield Scout Group

Hayfield Cricket Club Hayfield Cricket Club

New Mills Volunteer Centre New Mills Volunteer Centre

Hayfield Jubilee Fund

Hayfield Toddler Group